How to Navigate Your Way Out of Debt and Into A Career and Life You Have Always Wanted

Paul spent nearly a decade learning about science and medicine, but had little training in how to conquer his medical school debt or how to build a successful practice. After discovering the path, he resolved to show others the way.

Today he is debt free and fully in control of his career and finances.

A Life in the Woods exists to help you remain in touch with what matters most to you. For me I have a passion for exploring the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends. My favourite memories are intimately tied to a few very special places. Childhood memories of camping in provincial parks, fly- in-fishing trips with my father and brothers, winter camping, summers spent by the lake at my parent’s cottage and winters spent waste deep in snow at my grandparent’s cabin.

My memories have a geography. From an early age I learned to appreciate the bounty that nature provides. I also came to enjoy the solitude and tranquility of being in the woods. I particularly enjoy falling asleep under the stars or waking in the early morning as the entire forest slowly rouses from its slumber.

This blog reminds me where I have been and where I would still like to explore. It maps my learning, and marks my territory.

It allows me to see the forest for the trees.229645_505133702042_119101057_30233469_4729_n

Here are the rules I live by in the outdoors:

  1. Respect the flora and fauna.
  2. Stay on the trail when it is marked.
  3. Pack it in and pack it out, leave no trace.
  4. Offer others a helping hand.
  5. Don’t be that guy.
  6. Only hunt and fish in season. Only keep what you can eat.
  7. Respect other people’s property.
  8. Introduce others to the majesty of the outdoors.
  9. Always be planning your next adventure.
  10. Live deliberately.

Thoreau wrote famously, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die discover that I had not lived.”

See you on the trails, in the woods or by the lake.

Paul Jones, Ontario, Canada